The Tea House

A massive wooden floor austerely decorated in Caldari fashion, with some heavy concrete vases here and there holding kresh branches. There are some tatamis lying on the floor for the guests to sit on. The feeling of austerity is reinforced by the sound of deep solemn drums played by a hidden sound system. A hanging scroll displays an exquisite calligraphic work that reads: "True tea is made with water drawn from the depths of mind".

We are proud to offer the capsuleer community a wide selection of the best tea varieties in the galaxy. Our products have been surgically digitized from naturally grown tea leaves with state of the art technology in taste pattern digitalization and analysis under precise laboratory conditions, and only offered to the public after the approval of the most renowned tasters of Caldari Provisions. We hope you enjoy our services in the calm soothing environment that is characteristic of The Tea House.

Hak’len Tea (Black Tea): The true Caldari Tea, made with the finest selection of kresh leaves from New Caldari. Originally from Caldari Prime this slightly bitter variety found a new home in New Caldari. Today, thanks to genetic engineering and nanotechnology it's near to impossible even for the most discerning palate to distinguish a New Caldari Hak'len from a Caldari Prime one.

Fuukiuvestan Black (Black Tea): The Fuukiuvestan Black is the rarest and the most prestigious of black teas. Indigenous herb from the Fuukiuvestan mountains, Its excellent quality is the result of climate and elevation. Each harvest period produces a slightly distinctive taste depending on the season, but overall is characterized by a darker, full-bodied cup.

Kaalakiotan K’vire Green (Green Tea): Not as mythological as the Hak'len tea, but twice as widespread, this green tea variety is well known for it's smoky aroma and exquisite jade green color in the cup. This tea has a mixture of subtle sweetness and bitterness.

Matigu Green (Green Tea): A native Camellia sinensis from Matigu, New Caldari, This variety is characterized for a smooth taste which remains long in the mouth, and has less bitterness than the Kaalakiotan K'vire; It is highly appreciated for its significant dosage of caffeine.

Iyen-Oursta Red (Red Tea): Obtained from the dry leaves of the Aspalathus linearis plant that grows in abundance in Iyen-Oursta VI, it is valued for its unique and refreshing taste and its strong aromatic qualities. It brews up a warm reddish brown color, is full bodied and slightly sweet.

Tasabeshi-Ono White (White Tea): Two different herbs grown in the neighbouring systems of Tasabeshi and Ono blend together to create one of the finest white teas. Delicate in flavor as well as color, the tea has a subtle, slightly sweet flavor and a mellow creamy or nutty quality.

The Tea House is a virtual place where POD Pilots can hook into thanks to FTL communication services and a massive Fluid Routers backbone provided by NOH, Zainou, Echelon Ent. and Cbd. Find us at chat frequency TEAHOUSE. - We hope you enjoy your stay.